About Us

PEG Micro Informatique is a Montreal based IT consulting company. We are IT experts that focus on bringing enterprise class IT tools, solutions, and services to small and medium businesses. For over 12 years our consultants have been helping our clients in the Montreal area get the most out of their IT infrastructure.

We are NOT geeks. We are IT professionals who understand our place within the business process. This means that we go beyond simple repair, and troubleshooting. Our aim is to help your company be the best that it can be. We prefer to forge long term relationship with our customers, and clearly understand their business processes and workflows.

We have been outsourcing IT to Peg Micro for 5 years and are impressed that they always treat the customer with utmost care, offer excellent service and are trustworthy. They continue to be a trusted partner in our business.

– Randal Wark, Founder of IT Revolution

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